Animated Artwork for Thundr’s Summer VA. The overall aesthtic would be a focus on abstract imagery and functional typographical layouts allowing the vibrant imagery to carry the cover. In short, Summer vibe, bright, colourful but allow ambiguity for the viewer.

︎︎︎ See the full initial ideas and development below. 

Just to note that the original title “IBIZA” was later dropped as a title due the Covid-19 outbreak and could have been conceived as misleading.

Released during the summer of 2020  Featuring a curated selection of up and coming talent and industry heavyweights including:

@funkcartel - Don Vincenzo, @ellievcocks - FreA, @marcellusofficial - Rhythm, @kingd_dj @nelson__dj - Ronati , @ben_murphy_official - The En, @lotraxsounds - Messin Around, 
@norm__t - The Locomotiv, @ian.sound - Vibration

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Client: Thundr 
Year: 2020
Outcomes: Digital album cover
Disciplines: Typography, Layout, Image-Making, Motion

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