The world of design and the creative industry is at a crossroads and a transitioning state.

Due to the creative industry, the evolution of different technologies and the digital landscape, many of the contemporary design studios and designers that we see today such as Studio Blup, Anthony Neil Dart and many more practice a variety of disciplines to create work and design in a more abstract – artwork style to blurr the lines between art and design.  The use of digital image in this style is an ever growing and important part of this aesthetic. In the creative industry, there is still a massive debate about the understanding of a graphic designer by modern standards...

So why do we still use a title that restricts creatives? Does it matter? Should it be changed to encompass the skillset of the modern Designer? Or should it remain an elusive title in an ever growing and changing world and industry?

This visual research book replaces the dissertation from the final year of University. Using research of a chosen subject, a short essay, interviews with industry designers and experimentation of different mediums (related to our chosen subject) a visual outcome was produced to show the research gathered and the various visual experiments developed.

Client: University Project
Year: 2018
Outcomes: 12x12 inch, threadbound harcover book, Abstract compositions, Posters
Disciplines:  Typography, Image-Making, Image Manipulation, Collage, Photography, 3D, Book binding

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