Acid Chapter (acidchxptr) was project started in early 2019 based around the Acid House aesthetic of the 80's and 90's. Taking inspiration from blotter art; the tabs / stamps are a reference to popular culture, the anti-design from the 90's club scene and the drug culture surrounding the birth of House music. 

Throughtout the projects brief existence, the various tabs were recieved well on social media and were shared many times. These are some examples shared by @certainmagazine on Instagram, check them out here:
︎︎︎We’re Raving It Stamp - Certain Magazine (2018)
︎︎︎Wish U Were Weird Stamp - Certain Magazine (2018)  
︎︎︎ Drugs Bunny Stamp -  Certain Magazine (2019)

Client: Personal Project
Year: 2019
Outcomes: Acid Tabs / Stamps
Disciplines:  Typography, Image-Making

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